Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DAM! Festival in DC next week

Those of you residing in the DC area take note -- an excellent lineup of shows is coming to town courtesy of the DAM! Festival (standing for District's Awake! Music Festival, which, I'm guessing, is a spin on the Postal Service track). I'll hopefully be covering some of it for the DCist, but amongst the highlights are Bishop Allen and the Oranges Band. I've gotten into the latter recently, via a copy of The World and Everything In It, courtesy of my younger sister. And, best of all, c/s folk hero Craig Finn gives them a ringing endorsement. I'll let some fellow Kentuckians tell you about Bishop Allen at MOKB and YANP.

But that's not all. Check out the DAM! website for more details here.

Something to sample:
The Oranges Band - Ride the Nuclear Wave


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