Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wilco's Tweedy slaps rowdy fan at Missouri show

Sounds like it's really true: apparently last night at a show in Springfield, MO, Wilco leadsinger/Stalinist Jeff Tweedy grabbed a fan by the throat and then slapped him. The fan had made his way onto the stage and moved towards Tweedy, apparently to kiss his cheek. Read more about it here.

Hopefully one of few hundred folks who bought Wilco tickets for Wednesday's 930 Club show in the 4 minute window before they sold out, only to resale them at triple their face value, will suffer a similar fate.

DAM! Festival in DC next week

Those of you residing in the DC area take note -- an excellent lineup of shows is coming to town courtesy of the DAM! Festival (standing for District's Awake! Music Festival, which, I'm guessing, is a spin on the Postal Service track). I'll hopefully be covering some of it for the DCist, but amongst the highlights are Bishop Allen and the Oranges Band. I've gotten into the latter recently, via a copy of The World and Everything In It, courtesy of my younger sister. And, best of all, c/s folk hero Craig Finn gives them a ringing endorsement. I'll let some fellow Kentuckians tell you about Bishop Allen at MOKB and YANP.

But that's not all. Check out the DAM! website for more details here.

Something to sample:
The Oranges Band - Ride the Nuclear Wave

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hold Steady c/s review on DCist

The fine folks at the DCist keep posting my concert reviews, and I greatly appreciate it.

I went to see the Hold Steady at Ottobar in Baltimore on Monday and did a review for them. First off, Ottobar is a great little place -- cheap Natty Boh and Pabst, good sound system, really intimate, easy to park on the street nearby. Second, the Hold Steady were terrific. Big Sleep opened up and I'd describe them as "abrasive". Sean Na Na -- a sort of musical alter ego of Har Mar Superstar -- and played a very good punk/pop set, equally informed my the Jam and the Lemonheads.

For more, you can find my full review of the Hold Steady's set here.

I link to them a lot, you should also, be sure to check out the full DCist page regularly for all that's going on inside the Beltway.

Fox labels Mark Foley as a Dem

There will surely be plenty of folks calling this an honest mistake, and maybe it is. But given that former Congressman Mark Foley wasn't exactly a household name, it seems either a very convenient one or a case of downright deception.

Fox News showed graphics yesterday labelling -- literally -- Foley as a Democrat. This, of course, comes on the heels of his resignation following a scandal involving a 16 year old House Page.

Fox labels Mark Foley as a Democrat