Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Whole Wide World: Coup in Thailand

Just got word that tanks have appeared in Bangkok, a possible military coup. Right now there ain't a lot happening on the wires, but the BBC has this. Drudge Report also links to something on Breitbart here.

I'll save you the time of actually following those links if you like: China's official news agency has reported movements of the Thai 3rd and 5th Army areas' four battalions. Though supposedly simply some kind of "personnel rotation", the BBC is saying this morning that tanks have appeared in Bangkok. I'll try to keep updating, but stay tuned to Drudge and BBC for details.

*It's been a while since I've done a segment of Whole Wide World, so here you go:

Whole Wide World...

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - This country of 5.9 million people is the world's most linguistically diverse, with over 700 native tongues. Only 1% of the land is currently fit for cash crops. There's lots of rain forest, which means lots of lumber, which means lots of environmentalist groups crying foul, lots of dangerous-run off and erosion. Gold and copper resources haven't been accessed. The country still maintains very close ties with Australia, which governed the island state until 1975. The capital is Port Moresby and the Gross Nat'l Income per capita is 660 bucks.


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