Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rehashed Treasures: Jeff Tweedy DVD

Just caught the trailer for the new Jeff Tweedy DVD, Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest. View it yourself here. Did you like I Am Trying to Break Your Heart? Did you buy it on DVD? How many times have you seen the outtakes? If you answered "not enough" to this last question, the Sunken Treasure filmmakers are thankful indeed. Yes, the trailer for this latest Wilco-related release bears a strong resemblance to IATTBYH. In addition to the new film's title track (played solo, also in the Pacific Northwest, on IATTBYH), it appears this one will include other similarities like scenes driving in cars, Tweedy's wry sense of humor on the streets, and lots of fascination with geometrically-oriented shots of our nation's cities in gloomy weather.

But seriously, I will no doubt see this movie, probably enjoy it a lot, and maybe even buy it. Even though I'm still pretty angry about their DC show selling out in 4 minutes. To hell with you folks (I didn't post that, by the way) on Craigslist who scarfed up all the tickets only to scalp them and make some easy cash. I'm boycotting.


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