Friday, August 04, 2006

Whole Wide World: Couple

Usually Whole Wide World segments feature a profile of a foreign country, but we decided to make exception this time around:

Whole Wide World...
This band comes to you by way of Absolute PowerPop, an excellent source for very under-the-radar power pop bands and artists. Were an actual power pop radar to exist, it would probably be located within earshot of either Chapel Hill, Athens, or New York City, and chances are, wouldn't even come close to picking up Couple, an excellent power pop quartet from Malaysia. They're pretty straightforward with their influences and very friendly -- after adding them as a myspace friend, I got an immediate reply and started a brief conversation about power pop, etc. They take Weezer's penchant for crunchy guitars and whoo-hoo choruses and marry it to lo-fi production and your standard issue lovelorn power pop lyrics.

Either way, it's excellent stuff, and good to know that the power pop torch burns bright well across the globe. They've also paid tribute to Arthur Lee on their page as well. Check them out here.

More stuff...
A good, brief Arthur Lee tribute here, even if he does quote the song I decided not to quote (see below).

Those of you thinking of seeing Talladega Nights, refer to this promising take from Slate. Might have to check it out myself.

The Black Cat has recently updated its upcoming fall schedule, which is absolutely loaded with c/s approved acts (The Wrens, Band of Horses, Magnolia Electric Company, Rogue Wave, etc).


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