Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cup Update and Other stuff

Turns out comanche/soul isn't the only blog obsessing over the World Cup. I thought I'd give you a little rundown of what else the internet has to offer, and where to get your slightly less insightful commentary.

The New Republic has a World Cup blog featuring editor Franklin Foer -- who wrote the fairly interesting book How Soccer Explains the World. A lot of it revolves around refuting and supporting the recent book Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup. That, and congratulating themselves and their friends for writing such a clever book.

Sports Illustrated also has a Cup blog. It's a lot like mine, but with less insight and more financial backing. Check it out here.

ESPN Soccernet is running a correspondent's program where fans keep a blog sort of thing about one particular team. Some are better than others. The USA correspondent isn't bad.

Finally, Slate's doing a little thing they call "Dispatches from the World Cup". It's a little more offbeat and cultural, and reeks of this new soccer liberalism that is interesting for serious fans but sure doesn't help the sport's future in the American market.

Ecuador fields a weak lineup and goes down 3-0 to Germany. Klose's two goals make him the leading scorer with 4 so far. Podolski gets the third, meaning that all three of Germany's goals were scored by Polish born players. In a related story, Poland claims a 2-1 win over Costa Rica to get third place. Paulo Wanchope has a late equalizer called back for offsides.

Steven Gerrard will be replaced by Bayern Munich's Owen Hargreaves in today's match in order to avoid a second yellow which would rule him out of England's Round of 16 game.

Italian coach Lippi has apologized to fans and admitted to overlooking the USA on Saturday.


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