Friday, May 12, 2006

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Last day of a not-so-grueling week. The fanboys out there will be happy to see I posted twice in one week. Have a good weekend.

In the news...
Champion of the People, Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher has been indicted by a special grand jury this morning. Besides generally sucking, Fletcher's posse cleaned house when they came into office, removing a good number of government workers from merit-based jobs and replacing them with party loyalists. Sounds pretty par for the Republican course if you ask me (cough, cough Michael Brown cough, cough), but this indictment could be big trouble in lil' Frankfort for Kentucky's first Republican governor since Louie B. Nunn was elected in 1967.

The always-interesting John Dickerson of Slate finds some peculiarities with declaring Hillary Clinton a Democratic shoo-in so early in the process. Is it a Republican conspiracy? Are they trying to handpick their opponent?

Quick world news recap: The situation in Sri Lanka has escalated, with international truce monitors intervening with the Tamil Tigers after two days of rebel attacks on Sri Lankan naval ships. An oil pipeline explosion in Nigeria has left over 150 dead and was likely caused by people drilling holes in the pipeline to steal oil. Places to cross off the family summer vacation list: Ethiopia, where bloody battles ensued yesterday in Mogadishu. The violent conflict pits "transitional government forces" more commonly known as warlords against radical Islamic leaders known as the Islamic Court Union. Now that's a marquee matchup of corrupt evil right there.

In music, etc...
Also on Slate, Josh Levin reviews Art School Confidential, a movie I still plan to see. Unfortunately, his review did nothing to encourage me.

The staff of Allmusic Guide once again breaks down this week's American Idol episode. For those that don't know, Chris was shockingly eliminated, while Katherine McPhee seemed to slide in to the next round by the skin of her pearly white, suburban teeth. Could it come down to Taylor and Elliot, the two least marketable of the final five? Comanche/soul sticks with Taylor's country-club R&B shtick...he can play my wedding any day.

Finally, a link to one of my alltime favorite Pitchfork pieces, The Days Rock Died by Rob Mitchum. Pretty damn hilarious if you ask me.

In the sports world...
Weekend soccer preview/wrap-up:
Liverpool take on West Ham United in the FA Cup Final, Saturday (10 am EST) at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff. It's Liverpool's first FA Cup Final since triumphed over Arsenal 2-1 in 2001. Xabi Alonso's injury status is still up in the air.
Looks like AC Milan's Andriy Shevchenko, former European Player of the Year, wants a move away from the San Siro -- specifically to somewhere in the English Premier League. This, of course, is bad news for everyone except Chelsea.

NBA Playoffs back tonight - Heat and the Nets are back in Jersey tied 1-1. Clippers and Suns are in LA, also tied at 1 a piece. does some more entertaining but mostly useless analysis on the baseball season so far (it's still just a month old, right?). The Cincinnati Reds are one of the big surprises, leading the division (and coming off an 11th inning walk-off homer win over the Nats last night), but any good Reds fan knows how little the first two months of the season mean. But if Griffey can get healthy, watch out...


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