Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Blank" is the new "Blank"

You know that phrase "brown is the new black", or the myriad variations of it? It seems like everything in style is the new something else (true or false? either way, a question for the ages) these days, with that phrase being thrown around constantly. I'd like to start compiling a list of similarly-structured phrases, so I'll start it off with some ones I've heard and/or came up with myself. Feel free to post comments or send them to me here.

Ethnic cuisine: Thai is the new Indian.
Tipping: 18 is new the 15 (percent). *Credit Greg Lohmeyer.
Artistic direction of the band Wilco: Audience participation is the new Jim O' Rourke.
Male Fashion: The pocket square is the new necktie.
Navy is the new black.
Music: Josh Ritter is the new Elliot Smith.
Lounge is the new Garage.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Send your suggestions my way.

Whole Wide World...
TAJIKISTAN - formerly part of the Soviet Union, this Central Asian country imploded into chaos and Civil War after the breakup of the USSR, presumably to continue to feed the country's addiction to, well, chaos and Civil War. No, but seriously, pre-1991 there was no Civil War, just chaos. Now it's a struggling aluminum-producing state -- unfortunate to be landlocked between China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and longtime rivals Uzbekistan; ruled by a not particularly open-minded government; and stuck as the first stop on the drug trade from Afghanistan to the West.


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