Friday, April 07, 2006

F is for...

The end of yet another trying week, but still much to look forward to.

Allmusic, bless their thorough little hearts, have profiled The Razorcuts' R is for..., an album I have been longing for ever since I read a capsule review in an issue of Record Collector magazine at the Virgin Records Superstore in London last summer.

CokeMachineGlow to close its virtual doors after this week. Sad. A high-quality Canadian based indie website was just starting to make a name for itself -- a move which saw a vastly improved interview section (such as one with the Hold Steady's Craig Finn) and the writing really start to take off -- when they made the announcement earlier this week. In the meantime, savor their last series of reviews, including the pre-release teaser of Built to Spill's You In Reverse (available Tuesday March 11). Speaking of teasers, if you really can't wait, you can listen to two new tracks from the BTS LP here.

NFL Schedules announced yesterday. The Skins open at home against Minnesota (preseason openere at Cincinnati, where hopefully Pops Cornwell will be in attendance) on Monday Night Football. Somehow, that's our only MNF game of the season.

Keeneland race track opens up today back home. Wish I was there but I will be in a week for the Toyota Bluegrass Stakes to get an early peek at some Kentucky Derby contenders. Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Maryjean Wall profiles and ranks the Derby hopefuls here.

ESPN's Robert Gotta profiles the fall of the Italian giants Inter Milan and Juventus in the European Champions League, also alluding to the lapse in form of AC Milan's once-formidable and stereotype-breaking Brazilian keeper Dida (Check out his subtle but great pun on Dida's first name and post a comment if you get it).


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Tory said...

Yes, I picked up on Gotta's "admirable Nelson" dig. Good stuff. Thanks for the insight on the things that matter, politics, sports, and music, not necessarily in that order. Someone's got to keep me informed while I'm down under. And can I just say that Australian "footy" is just about the most god awful sport ever invented? Absolutely retarded. I think I'm just going to have to get wasted at a few matches, in the name of "cultural enlightenment."


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