Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Everything All the Time

The aforementioned new Flaming Lips LP, At War with the Mystics, is out today. Pitchfork jumped the gun and reviewed it yesterday.

They also look into the new Terrell Owens single, which sounds about as ugly as that last Cowboys blowout loss to the Skins in December. But better, check out their review of the Paper Cranes' single "I'll Love You Til My Veins Explode", then move directly to their my space site and listen to it for yourself.

In sports news...
Florida claims the national title. From this fan's perspective, they looked absolutely dominant. They may not have had the most difficult run to the title game, but they did knock off the Big Ten champs and #1 seed Villanova. Joakim Noah, the best player on the court despite his face, set the record for blocks in a title game...by halftime.

Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo will turn pro. Coach Tubby Smith will join him for a 1 pm press conference at men's practice facility and women's game facility Memorial Coliseum. Smith has advised him not to sign with an agent to maintain his eligibility.

Barry Bonds started strong with a ground rule double in his first at-bat, but finished 1-4 and had
a syringe thrown at him in a 6-1 loss at San Diago.

Slate Magazine breaks down your trip to Trader Joe's just as the first opens in New York City. Their guide to TJ's follows-up Andy Bowers's guide to cheap wine that isn't Two Buck Chuck.

Finally, a good recap of the Dems' "Real Security" plan. Not that I necessarily disagree with them most of the time, but it seems likely that if Bush and Co. cured cancer or created 10 million new jobs for Americans in a week, we Democrats would find things to complain about.


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