Friday, March 31, 2006

The Daily Grind

Friday, finally. Been a long week. In the latest news...

Back in my hometown of Lex, KY, a man turned himself in for carrying 56 pounds of marijuana in his 1989.

The NCAA Final Four tips off Saturday from Indianapolis. As of time of publication, no rules had been changed to allow Kentucky to compete based solely on our impeccable tradition (UCLA qualifying on the usual grounds of winning games didn't help our chances). As it is now, I like Florida to win it all, though I hate them. Rick Pitino is bad enough, but Billy Donovan is a bargain-bin Pitino-wanna-be.

In other college basketball news, Indiana has a new coach, but the future looks bleak. Pat Forde of profiles the decline.

Major League Soccer kicks off its 11th season this weekend. Most of you don't care, but the early season games take on added significance in a World Cup year, especially for US players as they vie for the final roster spots on the National Team. ESPN Soccernet previews the teams here.

Today's music news...Some HUGE releases coming up in the next couple weeks. The Flaming Lips made us wait 4 years for the follow-up to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, but Tuesday will see the release of At War With The Mystics.
Built to Spill made us wait through a couple tours, a decent Doug Martsch slide blues solo album, before their proper follow-up to Ancient Melodies of the Future. Thankfully, the wait is over, and You in Reverse will come out on April 11th (unfortunately the band has postponed the spring tour due to Martsch's eye surgery). If the sample songs on their MySpace page are any indication, there's a lot of triple-axe guitar heroics to look forward to.
The Drive-By Truckers will release their latest, Blessing and a Curse on April 18. They're also gearing up for a Spring Tour on the West Coast and through the Midwest.


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